Project info:

The reception desk made from rammed earth and topped with a Riyadh stone, with hidden lights around it. The desk is a stunning example of sustainable design and craftsmanship, and it perfectly captures the natural beauty of Riyadh.

Rammteck International Company is a leading provider of sustainable design and craftsmanship services. We are committed to creating beautiful and environmentally friendly spaces for our clients.

The rammed earth base of the desk is made from locally-sourced materials, and it has been carefully crafted to create a smooth and seamless surface. The Riyadh stone top is a unique and eye-catching feature, and it adds a touch of luxury to the desk.

The hidden lights around the Riyadh stone create a soft and inviting glow, and they highlight the natural beauty of the stone and rammed earth. The desk is perfect for welcoming guests and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The map behind the reception desk is a visual representation of our commitment to excellence. We used CNC technology to create this detailed and accurate map for Riyadh Golf Club.

This project is a testament to Rammteck International Company’s commitment to sustainable design and craftsmanship. We are proud to have created a desk that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly for our client, RIYADH GOLF CLUB.

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