Project info:

Rammteck International is actively engaged in the prestigious Royal Residence project located in AlUla. Our main focus is to design a minimalist living space that aims to achieve near net-zero energy consumption. The project serves as an inspiration for individuals to adopt sustainable living practices while drawing inspiration from the rich essence of the past. The remarkable design of this project is the result of the creative vision of the renowned architectural firm, RR Architects.


The design adopted a minimalist approach to materials and detailing, placing a strong focus on art and nature. This design philosophy reflects the owner's desire to achieve a home that exudes simple and sophisticated elegance, while avoiding any sense of boastfulness.


The experienced team at Rammteck International specializes in crafting interior environments. By utilizing rammed earth walls, they create a comfortable and pleasant microclimate for users. Furthermore, the spatial layout and functional design contribute to seamless movement and dynamism between the houses and their natural surroundings.



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