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Rammed Earth – Al Maamourah:

In 2020, RR Architects and Rammteck International jointly designed ‘Al Maamourah’ made of rammed sand material. 

Its aim was to design different furniture pieces, made of rammed sand and with the inclusion of other materials like mirrors, marble, and copper. 

The design in its first phase consisted of three main pieces, the ‘Maiz’ (Table), the visible mirror (Mashawafah), and the column (Al Satan). These ancient names were inspired by the domestic culture and history of the Kingdom. 

We have also attained patency for our products for their commercial viability from the Saudi Authority of Intellectual Property as being the only architectural design and consultancy to use rammed sand for the production and manufacture of furniture pieces in order to innovate sustainable and optimized furniture designs for extensive use in offices, residences, and other commercial purposes. 

Our aim with this project was not just the expression of our product designs but also to promote Saudi Commerce by utilizing regional resources and fusing them with the cultural aspect of art with a modern approach for its business development in the GCC and global markets. 


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